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Saturday, 14 April 2012

choral speaking

hye! olla!

today, was a awesome day. hehe! i don't know why. hurm, saya mahu mengongsi script choral speaking saya hari ni, saje2 je, maybe terlampau excited kot nak bertanding. huhu! kenapalah tarikh tu di delay kan? kalau ta kan, hurm, speechless. okay2, tanpa membuang masa, dipersilakan!

wassup ladies and gentlemen,
today, we have a short petition,
our theme today is bout war and corruption,
which in this world is a great big distraction,
look! way up in the sky, what is that thing flying so high?
is it a bird?
no, is a plane,
a plane my foot, i have a faint feeling that is not good.
what is't then?
it's ain't making sense.
it's falling so quickly, gonna land in seconds,
make haste people, i know what it is.
is't something so vile, better run for you life!
ah! i don't want to die, i'm still young, still full of life!
hey! hey! get out of my way! every man for his own, my life is at stake.
the bomb zooms downwards hell bent on being,
the bringer of doom, explodes with a boom,
boom! ba-boom! chi-ba-boom!
and all of us human, will soon be in tombs!
flame flare up they colour the sky,
it conflagrates into millions of reds,
beyond this beauty, within lies danger.

okay! saya share page 1 je keyh! coz, dia terlampau panjang la, jenuh saya nak type nyer! hihi! lagi 5 page lagi. ni pun, dah lenguh tangan ni. hoho! ta sabar nak tunggu sampai 19.4.2012. guess what? hurm, tarikh kitorang choral la. haha! ta sabar, ta sabar.

p/s: saya type script tu kan, without tengok kertas. act, saya dah hafal sampai page 6 tau! dek kerana ke excited nyer kan. hehe!

p/s 2: saya layak untuk menyertai terminal sejahtera, iaitu, score A+ huhu! saya punya jadual setiap hari selasa, ta sabar nak pergi. thanks Majlis Daerah, yang support semuanya! alhamdulillah...

okay la korang, nak out ni, bye!


thank you for reading this entry

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